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LED Screens For Rent in Sri Lanka

Looking for Led screens rental solutions in Sri Lanka? Explore our wide range of digital screen options in Colombo and Sri Lanka.

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We are a LED screen rental company in Sri Lanka.

We are a company that provides LED Screens For Rent in Sri Lanka. We only offer high-quality P3 and P4 types of indoor and outdoor rental LED Screens. Call now to get a 40% discount on the total amount.

“LED Screen for Rent – Our Specialty in Exceptional Quality and Service”

We provide indoor and outdoor P3 LED screens on a rental basis for events from Colombo to any part of Sri Lanka. Also, our on-demand screen rental service offers a wide range of high-quality LED screens. By 2024, our company will provide digital video screens at the lowest cost on a rental basis for more than 5000+ special events in Sri Lanka. ” I certify that these claims are correct and verifiable. “

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Among other digital screen providers, we provide good service and a friendly monthly 40 % discount to customers and make them happy by fulfilling customer requirements ahead of schedule.Explore our services, contact us, or get a quote. Call the 24-hour hotline numbers above.

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Our company’s main service is LED screen rental for events from Colombo to any city on the island.

Looking for vibrant, high-resolution LED screens for your next event in Colombo? HiruEvent provides reliable and affordable digital screen hire services across Sri Lanka

We have earned the trust of our customers over the years by providing 24-hour service for any of their LED screen rental needs, especially those in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Indoor and Outdoor Led screens For Rental in Sri Lanka Colombo

Indoor led screens for events are equipped with modern technology. You can watch clear videos from a very close distance.Only the following types of panels are used for indoor events. P3 / P2 / P1 types


Propaganda LED Promotion Truck For Rental in Colombo, Sri Lanka

LED promotion trucks can be used for your OUTDOOR advertising activities. An electric generator and sound system are included in this LED lorry. You can easily travel to any place.

“Explore Our Other Services Including LED Screens For Rent!”

Below are audio visual equipment rentals for events in Sri Lanka.


Videography And Live Streaming

By contacting our experienced team of videographers and using professional video cameras, Cover your event. Keep the beautiful memories colourful forever. You also have the facility to do live screaming through YouTube or Facebook social media networks.

Picture-of-bright concert-lighting on-music-stage

Stage Lighting systems

Add colour to your event by choosing us now for a complete lighting control system with a high-tech lighting system to brighten your event. You can disassemble the lighting system to cover any square footage you want. So far, our company has provided lighting systems for many events in the city of Colombo.


Digital Sounds Systems

We have the best digital sound systems to suit your program. Contact us to provide a great listening experience with all types of mics in your program. With our experienced team, we have completed more than a thousand events in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Electric Generators

Generators for your event are available in any kilowatt capacity you need. With transport, with or without fuel, you can meet the electricity needs of your event at a meager cost. This service is available 24 hours a day.


Indoor Stages With Red Carpets

Call now to get the required indoor stage for your event in any length, width and height on a rental basis. Twenty-four hours a day free transportation to any function hall in Colombo with red carpet and stairs to excellent finish.

printed PVC backdrop on ratajob

Photo Backdrop With Stand

The large digital printed backdrop can be customized for any event venue's desired height and length. Transportation is free, and service is available throughout the day.